Syrien: Das iranische Regime ist militärisch am Kampf um Aleppo beteiligt

„The jihadist-led Jaish al Fatah launched a major offensive in southwestern Aleppo on July 31 to break the siege of the rebel-held part of the city. The offensive comes after the last supply route north of Aleppo was severed on July 28 by pro-regime forces encompassing the Syrian Arab Army, Shia militias backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and the US-backed Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG). Iran has acknowledged casualties corresponding with the uptick in battles. During the latest offensive in southwestern Aleppo, officials have thus far announced the deaths of five Iranian soldiers. Statements say fighters are killed in Aleppo by ‚takfiri terrorists‘ (A ‚takfiri‘ is a Muslim who accuses another Muslim of apostasy. The Iranian regime uses this label for all Sunni rebels and opposition, not just jihadists). Iranian officials continue to say that combatants are killed during their mission. (…)

The death of the Iranian Army artillery officer suggests that elements of the regular Army continue rotating into Syria as part of the IRGC-led expeditionary force. Army commanders publicly confirmed in April the deployment of special forces, following weeks of hints and announcements offering their services for the Islamic Republic in Syria. Special forces were defeated in one of their first major battles in Aleppo at the hands of the battle-hardened Jabhat al Nusrah, al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, which is now called Jabhat al Fatah al Sham. Iran has acknowledged the deaths of seven Army commandos, all in April. With the backing of Russian airpower, the IRGC, Iranian-backed militias, and allies succeeded in encircling Aleppo last week. (…) Iran’s military involvement in Aleppo underscores the strategic importance of the city to the Tehran.“

(Amir Toumaj: „Iranian military involvement in the battle for Aleppo“)



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