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Der US-Außenminister, ein Laufbursche von Putin

„Obama’s air campaign began with ‚absolutely no coordination with moderate Opposition forces on the ground,‘ the [Istanbul-based National Coalition for Syrian and Revolutionary Forces] protested. Since then, Syria’s pro-democracy revolutionaries have been sidelined ever further. The Syrian corpse heaps have grown only higher. Half the Syrian population — 12 million people — have been rendered homeless, due almost entirely to the war that Bashar Assad, the Iranian proxy Hezbollah and lately Russia have been waging upon the Syrian people, mostly by means of barrel bombs and cluster munitions. Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been reduced to working as an errand boy for Vladimir Putin, instructing Syria’s rebel forces on what they may and may not put on the table in the latest United Nations’ ‚peace talks‘ charade, and making plain to everyone that Obama and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani are on the same page: forget about sending Assad to the International Criminal Court.“ (Der kanadische Schriftsteller und Journalist Terry Glavin in der Tageszeitung Ottawa Citzen: Securing peace in Iraq and Syria means not focusing solely on ISIL)

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