Recep Tayyip Erdogan – einige seiner besten Freunden sind Terroristen

„If 42 innocent people (and counting) had not been brutally killed, along with hundreds of others seriously wounded, [Erdogans’s] words would be cause for a global guffaw on the part of friend and foe alike. In the first place, as an authoritarian leader of a previously modern and democratic Muslim country, which he has spent the 14 years since his election turning into an Islamic state where critics in the press and political system are thrown in jail for any hint of opposition, he has more nerve than sense to pretend that he is in the same boat as the United States and Europe. Secondly, as someone strongly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas he has shown that it is only certain terrorists he wants eradicated; the others are his allies, who do the dirty work he welcomes and supports. (…)

ISIS may be better organized and funded than others; it might be excellent at recruitment; and it certainly knows how to make the most out of its beheadings, immolations and drownings. But Hamas and the others are not more moderate; nor are their aims less genocidal or hegemonic. That each of these groups kill ‚infidel‘ Muslims in addition to Christians, Jews and anyone else considered impure or a threat does not make them any less Islamic. Erdogan, who is as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic as he is pro-Hamas, knows this full well. After all, some of his best friends are terrorists.“

(Ruthie Blum: „Right from wrong: Some of Erdogan’s best friends are terrorists“)


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