USA: Demokraten und Republikaner gegen UN-Resolution

senate_bipartisan„A bipartisan coalition of US senators introduced a measure Wednesday that seeks to repeal the United Nations Security Council resolution passed last month that labels Israeli settlements illegal and calls for a complete halt to all construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Obama administration refused to veto the resolution, allowing it to pass in a move that infuriated Israel. Co-sponsored by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer (D), Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin (D) and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R), the Senate resolution condemns the UN motion as ‚anti-Israel,‘ calling for it to be ‚repealed or fundamentally altered‘ to no longer be ‚one-sided.‘

The proposal also calls for the US to reject efforts made by outside parties to impose a solution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and demands the US ensure no action is taken at the upcoming Paris peace conference, set for January 15. Expressing support for a two-state outcome, the text declared that any final-status resolution to the conflict needs to settled through direct negotiations between the parties.“ (Eric Cortellessa: „Bipartisan group of senators call for repealing UN resolution on Israel“)

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