Update: Während Abbas das Begräbnis von Peres besucht

al-zahar„A top Hamas official said Saturday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was tantamount to ‚a Jew‘ for his participation in the funeral of former president Shimon Peres, Channel 2 News reported. Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior leader in the Gaza Strip, told Iranian TV: ‚This man who claims to represent Palestinian public opinion is by religious standards a Jew. For the millionth time: He doesn’t represent us, he is a creation of Israel and I hope he joins Peres in hell.‘ (…)

Earlier Saturday a senior PA official said Abbas had ‚no regrets‘ over his decision to attend Peres’s funeral in Jerusalem on Friday, despite coming under criticism for the move. (…) But Fatah central committee member and former Palestinian intelligence officer Tawfik Tirawi did express his opposition to Abbas’s presence at the funeral, Army Radio reported Saturday. ‚If they had asked me, I would have said clearly: I am in principle against participation, as this was the funeral of a Zionist who was soaked from head to toe in the blood of our Palestinian nation and other Arab peoples,‘ Tirawi said.“

(Bericht in der Times of Israel: „Hamas official: Abbas tantamount to a Jew“)

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