Türkei: Transgender-Person gefoltert und ermordet

„As Turkey is increasingly sliding into Islamist fascism, the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community in the country is being subjected to unspeakable crimes. The latest victims were living in Istanbul. Hande Kader, a 23-year-old transgender from Turkey, was burned to death after getting tortured and raped in Istanbul. Kader had been missing since August 6. Her burnt dead body was found on August 14. She was last seen getting in a car in the Harbiye district in Istanbul. ‚She was murdered in a savage way,‘ Michelle Demisevich, a transgender journalist, told the newspaper Hurriyet. ‚It is thought that she was raped by more than one person. According to my friends who identified her dead body, she had been exposed to brutal violence and torture. Those who committed such inhumane torture also burned her as if torture were not enough!‘

Demisevich said that most of the previous murderers of transgender people have not been apprehended. Investigations of these murders can drag on for years. (…) ‚Women have no value in Turkey, and if you are a transgender, it is a disaster,‘ said Demisevich. (…) As Turkish human rights defender Gazioglu puts it: ‚ISIS and its mentality is supported, protected and living not only in Iraq, Syria, and other countries, but also in this country.‘“

(William Reed: „LGBT Tortured, Killed With Impunity in Turkey“)


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