Obamas „Anti-Terror-Pakt“ für Syren würde Assad stärken

„The US is expected to offer to cooperate with Russia in Syria, in a controversial pact which would see Washington effectively change course and help shore up President Bashar al-Assad. John Kerry, secretary of state, is in Moscow, where he will offer the option of a military alliance aimed at defeating extremist groups. The former Cold War foes support opposing sides in the conflict, with Russia bombing in support of the Syrian government, and the US arming and training rebels. (…)

The Obama administration is suggesting a new command-and-control headquarters near Amman in Jordan that would house US and Russian military officers. The „Joint Implementation Group“ would ‚enable extended coordination‘ between their militaries on the Syrian battlefields. (…) The deal would be a sharp departure from the US’s long-standing policy in Syria. For years, Washington and its allies have been calling for Assad to step down, saying there can be no peace with the dictator in power. It would also undercut its criticism of Russia’s military intervention in Syria, which has killed as many as 2,500 civilians since air strikes began in September.“

(Jossie Ensor: „US to offer Russia an ‚anti-terror pact‘ in Syria“)

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