Hamas errichtet Tunnel unter Moscheen und Raketenabschussbasen in Wohngebieten

„A network of underground tunnels beneath Gaza runs under homes and mosques, and rocket launchers are often placed in dense residential areas, endangering civilians in the Strip, Israeli security officials said Tuesday, citing information gleaned from two captured Gazans. The two were arrested last month for allegedly transferring funds to Hamas operatives in the West Bank and have revealed detailed information about the locations of the terrorist organization’s rocket launchers and underground tunnel network, the Shin Bet security service said Tuesday.

According to their testimonies, tunnels have been constructed under the ‚homes of innocent people and mosques,‘ and missile launch sites have been set up ‚next to civilian buildings, in a way that endangers the civilian population of the Strip,‘ the Shin Bet said.“

(Judah Ari Gross: „In Gaza, Hamas tunnels run under mosques, homes – Shin Bet“)

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