Die Verbündeten des Westens im Kampf gegen den Islamischen Staat …

„Shiite militiamen participating in the Iraqi government’s recent Fallujah offensive may have abducted hundreds of men and boys and killed dozens of them, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein said July 5, BBC reported. Al-Hussein said nearly 900 men and boys from the village of Saqlawiya are still missing after being detained by Kataib Hezbollah. There was much consternation about the participation of Shiite militias in the battle, which took place in Anbar province, a largely Sunni area in Shiite-majority Iraq. Iraqi leaders downplayed the potential for any large-scale retribution killings of Sunni civilians by saying Shiite armed groups had been relegated to the battle’s periphery and would not be allowed to take part in fighting in the city’s center. Al-Hussein said the United Nations had received reports that abducted Sunnis had been denied food and water, tortured and even beheaded in some cases, warning of the growing potential of full-scale sectarian conflict in Iraq.“

(Situation Report von Stratfor: Iraq: „Shiite Militias Abducted Hundreds During Fallujah Offensive“)

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