Türkischer Premierminister sieht „böse Allianz“ aus Medien und Terroristen hinter Anschlägen in Ankara und Istanbul

„An ‚evil alliance‘ led by terrorists and supported by media groups, academics and opposition politicians is behind the recent terror attacks in Istanbul and Ankara, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has said, vowing to ‚clear the entire country of terrorists.‘ … ‚Axes of evil that aim to put Turkey in a cycle of violence and instability bring these terrorist groups together and also mobilize their civilian elements. Journalists, so-called intellectuals, academics and political parties who have been persuaded to team up with this alliance of evil are mobilized to coordinate a perception management over these attacks,‘ Davutoğlu said.

He also claimed that terrorist groups are carrying out attacks on Turkey in the knowledge that they will be supported by ‚international media organization known for their anti-Turkey hostility.‘ ‚Whenever a terror attack occurs in Belgium or France there is sensitivity in the international media. But when an attack happens in Turkey our government is criticized more than the terrorists,‘ he said.“ (Bericht auf der Website der englisch-sprachigen türkischen Tageszeitung Hürriyet Daily News: „Turkish PM says ‚evil alliance‘ behind terror attacks, slams media, academics)

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