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»Zionistische Weltverschwörung beherrscht EU und USA«

„Escalating his rhetoric against the United States and Israel, Iran’s supreme leader claimed Wednesday that a Zionist ‚network‘ dominates US and EU policy, and that Iranian slogans of ‚Death to America‘ are a natural response to US ‚hostility,‘ an Iranian news site reported. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ‚said the global Zionism network dictates the US and many EU members’ policies vis-a-vis Iran,‘ the Fars news agency said.

It quoted him telling a large audience ‚from East Azerbaijan province‘ in Tehran on Wednesday that ‚the US and many European governments’ policies are dominated by this (Zionist) network, and the Americans’ dealing with Iran’s nuclear issue should be understood within this particular framework.‘ Khamenei complained that an unnamed US official recently vowed to take ‚action to dissuade foreign investments in Iran,‘ and protested that ‚this demonstrates the depths of the US hostility toward the Iranian nation.‘

The nuclear deal signed by Iran with the P5+1 powers last July was part of a bid to improve the Iranian economy by attracting foreign investment, he said, ‚but the Americans now want to block this path… And that’s exactly why it has been repeatedly stated that Americans are not trustworthy.‘“  (Die israelische Tageszeitung Times Of Israel: Khamenei blames Zionist ‚network‘ for US and EU policy)

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