Nicht nur Nukleartechnik: Iran strebt auch nach Material für biologische und chemische Waffen

„Iran’s proliferation activities span eight German states and involve a range of activities to advance its chemical and biological warfare capabilities, as well as its nuclear and missile programs. The vast scale of the Islamic Republic’s network to obtain nuclear and missile technology goes beyond what was disclosed in recent German intelligence reports released on Thursday. The Jerusalem Post has examined intelligence data and reports from the 16 German states, which included new information on Iranian chemical and biological weapons programs. Half of Germany’s state governments reported in their 2015 intelligence documents attempts by Tehran to secure nuclear-related goods. (…)

Germany’s Federal domestic intelligence agency said in its newest report in late June that Iran’s ‚illegal proliferation-sensitive procurement activities in Germany registered by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution persisted in 2015 at what is, even by international standards, a quantitatively high level. This holds true in particular with regard to items which can be used in the field of nuclear technology.‘ The agency said there was ‚a further increase in the already considerable procurement efforts in connection with Iran’s ambitious missile technology program, which could, among other things, potentially serve to deliver nuclear weapons. Against this backdrop, it is safe to expect that Iran will continue its intensive procurement activities in Germany using clandestine methods to achieve its objectives.‘ (…) The reports covering Iran’s pursuit of biological and chemical weapons appear to be the most recent confirmation that its programs are still active.“

(Benjamin Weinthal: „Exclusive: Iran sought chemical and biological weapons technology in Germany“)


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