Palästinenser-TV : Kritik an Terrorverherrlichung ist „Hetze“

„Last week, Palestinian Media Watch exposed that a Palestinian Authority TV program named Giants of Endurance had honored the terrorist who brutally stabbed Kay Wilson and murdered Kristine Luken in a forest near Jerusalem. PMW’s story was reported in the international media, including Fox News and the Daily Mail in Britain. This week, PA TV decided to honor four additional terrorists, four brothers who in total are serving 18 life sentences in Israeli prisons. But before interviewing the mother of the four terrorists, the PA TV host condemned last week’s PMW report – which exposed their terror glorification – as ‚incitement,‘ and then sent ‚greetings‘ and ‚all our respect‘ to the terrorist murderer ‚in defiance of the occupation.‘ In this case, the term ‚occupation‘ seems to be PA TV’s euphemism for PMW who exposed the story:

Official PA TV host: ‚A few days ago there was a campaign of incitement by several of the occupation’s websites (i.e., reference to PMW report) against our program because we visit the prisoners’ mothers. The latest was the mother of prisoner Kifah Ghneimat from Hebron (i.e., stabbed Kristine Luken to death and critically wounded Kay Wilson) to whom we send our greetings and all our respect, in defiance of the occupation …‘
[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, July 7, 2016]

(Itamar Marcus/Nan Jacques Zilberdik: „‚In defiance‘ of PMW, PA TV again honors stabber of Kay Wilson and killer of Kristine Luken“)

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