Abschlusserklärung der Pariser Konferenz: Neutraler, dank amerikanischer Anstrengungen

The communique that emerged Friday would not have been as neutral and bland as it was without US efforts to water down the language, and Israel was in close coordination with Washington over the last few weeks on this matter. The Obama Administration has not hidden its displeasure over the years with Israel’s policies regarding the diplomatic process. But it also understands – though this is less frequently stated or reported – that Israel is not solely responsible for the stalemate, and that the Palestinians also bear much of the responsibility.

This came out clearly in the communique. While a French explanatory note on Thursday reflected Paris’s thinking, that the two-state solution was under threat primarily because of the settlements, Friday’s communique added another reason: ‚continued acts of violence.‘

For weeks Israel had come out very strongly against the Paris meeting, concerned it would be the beginning of an international effort to gang up and force a solution on Israel. For exactly that same reason, the Palestinians embraced the summit. After the communique, they had little reason to rejoice.

(Herb Keinon: „Analysis: Israel can sigh relief at parve Paris communique“. Die erwähnte Erklärung finden Sie hier: „Middle East Peace initiative – Joint communiqué“)

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