„Palästinenser sind nicht Opfer der Besatzung, sondern ihrer eigenen Führung“

„When you look at the Middle East today, you will find that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the least significant conflict in the Middle East. As a Palestinian, I don’t want to live in Syria, or Iraq or Libya or Yemen. It’s much better for me and for my children to live under the Israelis. It’s the safest place in the Middle East. …

The international community wants to impose more and more pressure on Israel and ignore the internal conflict among the Palestinians. My message today is to point out the sickness of the Palestinian society. We must start to realize that we are a part of the conflict that we are responsible on our daily lives and not only blame Israel.” (Die kanadische Website CIJ News über eine Rede des palästinensichen Menschenrechtsaktivisten Bassem Eid in Toronto: „Palestinians are not victims of the occupation, they are victims of their own leadership“)

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