Die EU errichtet illlegale Siedlungen im Westjordanland

„The EU is claiming diplomatic immunity after using taxpayers‘ money to build unauthorised settlements and roads on Israeli parts of the West Bank, MailOnline can reveal. An Israeli NGO launched legal action after photographing EU flags flying above buildings on land placed under Israeli jurisdiction by the Oslo Accords, to which the EU is a signatory. EU bureaucrats are avoiding court by citing diplomatic rules. The buildings, which are given to Palestinians, are intended to ‚pave the way‘ for more land to be brought under Palestinian control, according to official EU papers. …

The Oslo Accords are a series of agreements between Israel and the Palestinians, made in the Nineties, which divided the West Bank into Areas A, B and C. Area C was placed under Israeli control, while Areas A and B were Palestinian. The agreements were ratified by the international community, including the EU, and intended as a step towards the two-state solution. More than 1,000 EU-funded Palestinian homes, as well as roads and other infrastructure, have been erected in the Israeli Area C of the West Bank, without permits from Israel.“ (Der Journalist Jake Wallis Simons für die Online-Ausgabe der britischen Tageszeitung The Daily Mail: „Outrage as EU claims diplomatic immunity after using our aid money to ‚meddle in the Middle East‘ by building on disputed West Bank land“)

Mena Watch-Analyse zur Bautätigkeit der EU in der Zone C der Westbank: „Wie die EU die Osloer Friedens-Abkommen sabotiert

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