GB: Ex-Politiker fordert „Tod für alle, die Islam beleidigen“

mufti-shah-sadruddi-720733‚People who insult Islam should be put to death‘, a former Conservative council candidate declared in a shocking rant due to be aired on TV tonight. Mufti Shah Sadruddin, a senior Muslim scholar, made the comments in 2013 and they have now been uncovered by a new ITV documentary. The documentary shows Mr Sadruddin, a leading religious figure in the Jamaat-e-Ulama UK, or Council of Muslim Scholars in the UK, and in the British Bangladeshi community, criticising atheists who he said had insulted Islam, in particular a Bangladeshi blogger. Mr Sadruddin, who now runs the Al-Ashraaf Secondary School in Ilford, said: “He said: ‚He is a bastard, a traitor and a shameless person. Child of a hypocrite, he swore at my Prophet.‘

(Express: „‚Those who insult Islam MUST DIE‘, shocking undercover footage of former Tory candidate“)

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