Eine zeitgenössische Version der Ritualmordlegende

santa_claus„Israeli soldiers killed Santa Claus and then falsely accused him of trying to stab Israelis, according to a cartoon published in the official daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority. The cartoon, published on December 28 in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, shows a bleeding Santa who has just been shot by an Israeli soldier. The caption reads “He tried to carry out a stabbing operation.” Santa is propped up against the security wall, with the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre shown in the background. Presumably Santa was trying to cross one of the checkpoints into Jerusalem before he was shot.

Another cartoon published in the same paper on December 26 showed Santa being accosted by two Israeli soldiers with Stars of David on their helmets. Santa is held at gunpoint at a checkpoint while the second soldier is holding a knife, presumably about to plant it next to Santa to fabricate a stabbing attack in order to create a pretext to murder him. The cartoons were highlighted by the watchdog group Palestinian Media Watch. These cartoons repeat the belief widely held by Palestinians and repeated across their media that Israeli soldiers murder Palestinians and then plant knives next to them to provide a pretext for the killing.“ (Bericht in der Times of Israel: „PA media shows Israelis killing Santa Claus“)


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