Die Terror-Universität

„Two Palestinian terrorists, Baha Alyan (22) and Bilal Ghanem (23) boarded a bus in Jerusalem and attacked passengers with a gun and a knife, killing 3 Israelis and wounding 4, on Oct. 13, 2015. Terrorist Alyan was shot and killed by a security guard while the other terrorist was arrested.

Hebron University [eine palästinensische Universität, Anm.] considers the murderer Baha Alyan a ‚Martyr‘ and a ‚fighter‘ worthy of commemoration. The university decided to honor him by establishing a ‚human reading chain,‘ since the terrorist himself had once organized such a chain around Jerusalem. Addressing the dead terrorist as ‚Dear Baha‘ the host of the ceremony explained that the event was ‚to complete the mission you started.‘ He went on to say that the students are using their ‚belief in the pen and the book as means to convey our Palestinian message to the world.‘ [WAFA (the official Palestinian news agency), Feb. 1, 2016]

The use of ‚the pen and the book‘ to convey a ‚Palestinian message‘ stands in stark contrast to Baha’s use of a gun and knife to convey a Palestinian message of murder of innocent civilians on a bus. This is yet another example of how Palestinians turn terrorist murderers into role models and link cultural values to other Palestinian ‚values‘ of murder and terror, as documented by Palestinian Media Watch.“  (hier)

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