„Wer keine Geschäfte mit dem Islamischen Staat machen möchte, sollte auch keine mit dem Iran machen“

„If you wouldn’t do business with Islamic State, you shouldn’t do business with the Islamic Republic. Since the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Western companies have quietly started to explore business opportunities in a country some view as an emerging market with untapped potential. After years of sanctions and economic stagnation, Iran is welcoming foreign investment with open arms.

But Iran isn’t simply an emerging market with untapped potential. It’s also the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. It’s the supplier and manufacturer of improvised explosive devices deployed to kill and maim thousands of American and coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s the patron and partner of Bashar Assad in the slaughter of innocents in Syria, with nearly half a million killed so far. Iran is a dangerous geopolitical foe led by a cult of extremists hell-bent on Western civilization’s annihilation. It should not be considered open for business. … Much like Islamic State, the Islamic Republic of Iran possesses a theology and eschatology fundamentally incompatible with peace and world order.“ (Der US-amerikanische Abgeordnete Peter J. Roskam im Wall Street Journal: „Don’t Be So Quick to Do Business With Iran“)

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