Schriftsteller Amos Oz: „Wer Israel zerstören will, ist ein Antisemit“

amos_oz„One of Israel’s great living writers, Amos Oz, says people who say Israel should not exist are anti-Semitic. Speaking in an interview with BBC Newsnight, he said strong criticism of Israel is legitimate, but to argue there should be no Israel ‚that’s where anti-Zionism becomes anti-Semitism‘. Oz’s books have been published in more than 40 languages. He is regarded as a liberal and is firmly in favour of a two-state solution for Israel. (…) Oz told Newsnight he believes cultural boycotts of Israel are counter-productive. ‚I think boycott is hurting the wrong people. The idea that all Israelis are villains is a childish idea. Israel is the most deeply divided, argumentative society. You’ll never find two Israelis that agree with one another – it’s hard to find even one who agrees with himself or herself.‘“

(Interview auf BBC Newsnight: „Amos Oz: Saying Israel should not exist is anti-Semitic“)

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