Amnesty International: Die Repression im Iran ist so schlimm wie seit 20 Jahren nicht mehr

„The Iranian regime’s hegemonic ambitions and human-rights abuses have not been altered by the nuclear agreement Tehran reached with world powers in July, two US-based Iranian-born experts told The Algemeiner on Tuesday. If anything, they said, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has emboldened the powers-that-be in the Islamic Republic. (…) The Iranian regime, Dayanim said, ‚has now made it clear that it is continuing its expansionist policies, growing its military and perfecting its ballistic-missile capabilities – whether anyone in the West likes it or not, or whether its actions are in contravention of the nuclear deal or not.‘ [Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman] Ansari’s statement, he added, ‚is in line with the harsh comments that Supreme Leader Khamenei has been making over the past two weeks about the West, the United States and Israel.‘

Ansari, said Dayanim, ‚made it crystal clear that the leadership is cherry-picking the Iran deal and implementing what it wants – and not implementing what it doesn’t want – and that its dangerous de-stabilizing policies will continue unabated.‘ Furthermore, added Dayanim, ‚Such statements should be particularly embarrassing for US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, as Kerry’s own State Department again reported that Iran is still the top state sponsor of terrorism; and Amnesty International issued a release that repression in Iran has not been this bad in the past 20 years.‘“

(Ruthie Blum: „Iran Experts: Nuclear Deal Has Emboldened Regime, Not Altered Its Hegemonic Ambitions, Human-Rights Abuses“)

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