In welchen Ländern die meisten Journalisten ermordet werden

At least 1,195 journalists have been killed because of their work since 1992, including several this month. Prosecutions have occurred in fewer than 3 percent of those cases. (…) Iraq, Somalia, the Philippines and Syria have the highest rates of unpunished killings of journalists in the last ten years. Since 1992, when the Committee to Protect Journalists began tracking the data, no one has been entirely punished in the Philippines, Syria or India for killing a journalist. (…) Iraq leads the list of 97 countries where journalists have been killed for doing their work. At least 149 local and 23 foreign journalists have been killed there. (…) Syria has the second-highest number of journalist killings in the past 24 years“.

Anjali Singhivi in der New York Times: „When Journalists Are Killed, Prosecutions Are Rare“)



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