Kurdische Peshmerga-Einheiten liefern sich Gefechte mit Revolutionsgarden im Iran

„The protests of the Green Revolution in Iran may no longer be on our television screens, but that doesn’t mean resistance to the Iranian regime has disappeared. The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) has confirmed that six of its fighters were killed in a battle with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the regime’s elite security force and terrorism-sponsoring outfit. The PDKI claims that their Peshmerga forces were fired upon first in the town of Shno in northwestern Iran. The regime also confirmed the fighting, describing the PDKI fighters as ‚terrorists.‘ The Kurds say they killed a dozen Revolutionary Guards and injured 14. (…) Qarani Qadiri, a political analyst from Iranian Kurdistan, believes that the clashes mark the ‚beginning of a new model of armed struggle‘ by the Kurds against the regime’s forces in cities, in addition to the mountains where clashes normally happen.“

(Ryan Mauro: „Kurdish Peshmerga Units Battle Regime Forces in Iran“)

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