Der Iran errichtet ein islamisches Imperium

khomeini_khamenei„With the complete collapse of the Syrian armed opposition expected before the end of this year, Tehran would have subdued the three Arab countries that are sandwiched between its Western border and the Mediterranean. The dream of the founder of the Islamic Republic and its first Supreme Guide Ruhollah Khomeini will be finally recognized. The collapse of the Syrian opposition is not the milestone that marks the rise of the Iranian Empire. It is rather Hezbollah’s military parade in Qusayr, and the Syrian regime’s announcement of the integration of Hezbollah in the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) elite Fifth Corps. News of Hezbollah’s integration in the SAA came simultaneously with Baghdad’s announcement that it planned to assimilated the Shiite Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) into the Iraqi military. (…)

What next? Knowing that the Islamic Republic of Iran was built on an expansionist ideology, which at times took the form of exporting a revolution, Tehran should be expected to shift its attention toward the Arab Gulf. Already Iran controls the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, and has its eyes on Bahrain, Kuwait and eastern Saudi Arabia. It is a matter of time before Iran starts agitating its clients in these countries in a bid to force their governments to collapse and replace them with subordinate states on the model of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The Iranian nuclear program was a diversion that the world fell for and which Iran exchanged for its ability to amend the structure of Arab states in order to recreate its lost empire. By the time Iran is done controlling Arab states, its nuclear deal would have expired, and adding a few nuclear fireworks to its military arsenal will only make sure to seal the deal and make Iran’s long-sought empire as permanent as it can get.“ (Hussain Abdul-Hussain: „The Iranian Empire is back“)


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