Das lehren iranische Schulbücher: Liebe zum geistlichen Führer, Hass auf israel und den Westen

„President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran has a sunset clause, with almost every restriction on the mullahs’ nuclear program expiring in 15 years. So it’s worth paying attention to what the next generation of Iranians are being taught about their country’s mission in the world. Our best look so far comes thanks to a new report from Impact-se, a Jerusalem-based institute that monitors the content of textbooks across the Middle East. A ninth-grade social-education textbook reads: ‚All are submissive and obedient to the Guardian-Jurist,‘ that is, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Regime leaders are presented as infallible, divinely inspired and beyond criticism. A third-grade religion textbook’s section on cleanliness includes an illustration of Iranian children chasing away a filthy, mucuslike blob with a Star of David on its back. A fifth-grade text for the 2016-17 academic year shows Palestinian children attacking Israeli soldiers with rocks and slingshots. It’s accompanied by regime founder Ayatollah Khomeini’s portrait and his injunction that ‚Israel must be wiped out.‘ America is portrayed as an aggressive hegemon.“

(Wall Street Journal: „Tehran Teaches Its Children. Iranian textbooks preach the virtues of dictatorship and hate“)

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