Wie gefährlich es im Irak sein kann, sich anders zu kleiden

„Ihsan, who works in his family’s mobile phone store, is also an Iraqi emo. Several years ago two of Ihsan’s friends were killed by extremist groups in Baghdad, he says. One of his emo friends was killed in Dora in southern Baghdad and the other in the New Baghdad neighbourhood. Ihsan heard that extremist militias and some members of the police had started a crackdown on emos because they are different. A lot of Iraqis also believe that if a young person is dressed like an emo, they must also be homosexual. Many religious people consider homosexuality a sin. There is also a strong reaction against anybody who looks different in more conservative parts of Iraq.“

(Ahmad Thamer Jihad: „Emo Revival: In Iraq, Teenagers Who Dress Differently Have Much To Fear“)

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