Wahlen als Showprogramm

It is worth pointing out again that one shouldn‘t confuse the fact that Iran holds elections with democracy. It‘s true there are candidates, rallies, and people do vote. And there is some choice as to who will sit in its parliament. But regime committees vet all of the candidates to make sure that no one who would be in favor of change or genuine reform gets on the ballot. That means even those supporters of the theocracy, but who just want to loosen things up a bit, have also been purged. In other words, it’s an election in which there are no real choices.

That is not to say that Iran doesn‘t have politics. It does. But the competitors are all supporters of the theocracy; they back Iran’s terror allies, its push for regional hegemony, and Israel‘s destruction. So while Iran will put on what its apologists will call a demonstration of diversity and democracy, it‘s all for show.“ (Jonathan S. Tobin auf Commentary: „Iran Vote Shows Deal’s False Hopes.)

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