Teile der iranischen Bevölkerung boykottieren die zweite Runde der Parlamentswahlen

„The second round of the Iranian regime’s Parliamentary election on Friday was widely boycotted by the people of Iran. The regime held run-off votes in 21 of Iran’s 31 provinces, but reports by activists of the Iranian Resistance who monitored the polls across the country said that the vast majority of polling stations were empty throughout the day.

In many polling stations, officials tried to encourage people to vote by telling them they wouldn’t need to present their identity cards or a photo ID in order to participate. Some agents of the regime were witnessed casting ballots in more than one voting station. In some areas, by-passers were offered money to cast a ballot.“ (Bericht auf dem Onlineportal NCRI Iran News: „Iranians boycott second round of mullahs’ sham election“)

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