Unter Rohani richtet der Iran weltweit die meisten Minderjährigen hin

„In other areas, according to Amnesty International, the Islamic Republic remains a leading executioner of minors. Currently, 160 juvenile offenders are on Iran’s death row. Other human rights groups also believe that Iran has executed more juveniles than any other country. Michael G. Bochenek, senior counsel of the children’s rights division at Human Rights Watch pointed out ‚Iran is almost certainly the world leader in executing juvenile offenders.‘ Some articles in Iran’s criminal code allows girls as young as 9 and boys as young as 15 to receive death sentences. …

One of Rouhani’s main promises was to promote and reform restrictive law in relation to civil liberties and social justice. ‚The situation has not changed since Rouhani came to power. They only talk about their victory with regards to the nuclear deal, while a lot people and religious minorities face daily discrimination,‘ Morteza, an Iranian teacher in city of Esfahan pointed out. When it comes to number of people being executed as well as the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, Iran’s president would not change the status quo regardless of whether he is being presented as a moderate or hardliner.“ Der Präsident des International American Council on the Middle East Majid Rafizadeh in der Huffington Post: „Iran’s Executions and Human Rights Abuses Hit 27-Year High“)

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