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Woraus resultiert der Israelhass muslimischer Jugendlicher?

jikeli„‚Anti-Semitism among Muslim youngsters in Europe has specific characteristics which distinguish it from the hatred of Jews by people in surrounding societies. Yet it also has common elements. Many standard statements about the origins of Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe are without foundation. There is no proof that this hateful attitude is greatly influenced by the discrimination of Muslim youngsters in Western societies.‘ […] [Dr. Günther Jikeli‘s] book in German describes his research findings. Its title translates as, Anti-Semitism and Observations on Discrimination among Young Muslims in Europe. ‚Many youngsters I interviewed expressed »classic« anti-Semitic stereotypes. Conspiracy theories and stereotypes which associate Jews with money are the most prominent. Jews are often deemed as rich and stingy. They are also frequently seen as being one entity with a common and evil Jewish interest. These archetypal stereotypes strengthen a negative and potentially threatening picture of »The Jews« in the minds of these youngsters.‘

‚They usually do not differentiate at all between Jews and Israelis. Their view of the Middle East conflict can be used by them as a justification of a general, hostile attitude toward Jews including German, French and English Jews. They often claim that Jews have stolen Palestinian-Arab or alternatively, Muslim land. This is a major contention for them to delegitimize the State of Israel. The expression »Jews kill children« is also heard frequently. It is a supportive argument for their opinion that Israel is fundamentally evil. As they do not make any distinction between Israelis and Jews in general, this becomes further proof for the »vicious character« of Jews. It also makes them very emotive. […] We know that anti-Semitism is never rational. Yet some Muslim youngsters do not even try justifying their attitudes. For them, if someone is Jewish, that is sufficient reason for their loathing. From statements made by some interviewees, it emerges that negative attitudes toward Jews are the norm in their social environment. It is frightening that a number of them express a desire to attack Jews when they encounter them in their neighborhoods.‘“ (Günther Jikeli im Interview mit Manfred Gerstenfeld: „Myths and Truths About Muslim Anti-Semitism in Europe“)

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