Wohin fließt das Geld, das für die Reparatur der Kriegsschäden in Gaza gedacht wäre?

„All the while, the international community focuses on economic hardship in the Strip caused by the Israeli and Egyptian blockade, while seemingly casting a blind eye on Hamas, which raises funds on the backs of the Strip’s residents and invests tens of millions of dollars each month on building up its fighting force, digging attack tunnels that may stretch into Israel and manufacturing rockets.

According to Israeli estimates, each year, Hamas invests nearly NIS 100 million ($25 million) alone on smuggling materials for manufacturing weapons and setting up tunnels. The military wing takes care of buying the materials, sometimes from Israeli vendors who don’t realize where it is going.“ (Der Jorunalist Avi Issacharoff in der israelischen Tageszeitung Times Of Israel: In destitute Gaza, Hamas rides world’s goodwill all the way to the bank. Terror group uses tax money, donations from well-meaning countries eager to ease hardship for Gazans, to fund its military build-up“)

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