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Wie tief ist die Türkei in den Hamas-Terror gegen Israel verstrickt?

„A series of internal Turkish government emails released by the Wikileaks site include what appear to be instructions to Palestinian terrorists on how to conceal their rockets from Israeli airstrikes. The ‚AKP Email Archive‘ was released by the whistleblower website in the aftermath of the attempted military coup against the rule of the Islamist AKP party and its leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (…)

In one of the emails, entitled ‚Our missile tactics in Palestine,‘ a sender from Turkey – who appears to be named Osman Kastamonulu, but who uses the name of a Turkish singer as his email address – emails ‚‘ to advise on how to hide rockets from Israeli jets. The email is dated August 2014, during the war between the IDF and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, who rained thousands of rockets on Israeli civilian population centers. ‚Cover missile with carpet 3 times and cover with double glazing (no air between glazing, deaerated) there must be cylindrical and round edges and agonic missile,‘ the email informs in broken English. ‚Our target is insulating and sound-absorbing missile and it mustn’t reflect sound and electromagnetic waves back.‘ In other email he writes: ‚Our missile must be painted with light blue or grey . So, israil radars won’t find missile with electromagnetic waves and especially we must paint our missile’s corners and so, we can do insulator missile and israil radars can’t find it.‘ Intriguingly, both emails were forwarded to the Turkish President’s office and the head office of the AKP party.“

(Ari Sofer/Matt Wandermann: Did Turkey help Gaza terrorists fire rockets at Israel?“)

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