Wie Israel zum Vorbild in der Terror-Abwehr wurde

Jerusalem Bus Station

Israelische Busstation, gegen Rammattacken mit Fahrzeugen verstärkt

The Jewish state, whose people have been through seven wars and two intifadas since its creation, has become a textbook case for how to handle a permanent state of insecurity. This expertise could be a source of inspiration for European decision-makers. (…)

Why is the Israeli approach so efficient? ‚For decades, Israel has been confronted with a multiform and disseminated threat,‘ says David Khalfa, research associate for the think tank IPSE. ‚The country has suffered a series of terror attacks with an ever-changing modus operandi. Israel’s anti-terrorism strategy has had to permanently adapt by taking on an approach based on anticipation and rapidity of reaction, with mixed results, but countries faced with an important terror threat are scrutinizing this experience,‘ he says.

(Nathalie Hamou: „How Israel Became a Role Model in Fighting Terrorism“.)

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