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Wie die britische Arbeiterpartei Antisemitismus-Vorwürfe zurückweist – und damit alles noch schlimmer macht

The Labour Party has struggled with accusations of entrenched anti-Semitism ever since Jeremy Corbyn took over as party leader last year. Its internal report on the issue has only made things worse. (…)

Across Europe, Islamist assassins and vandals are targeting Jewish schools, businesses, museums, synagogues, cemeteries, and kosher food establishments. It has become a cliché that a wave of anti-Semitism is washing over Europe.

Some on the Left have taken notice. Four days after the murder of four Jewish hostages during the siege of the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris, France’s Socialist Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, described ‚the intolerable rise in acts of anti-Semitism in France‘ as a ‚symptom of a crisis of democracy [and] the French Republic.‘ But such urgent and necessary diagnoses from the political Left have been notable for their scarcity.

For the most part, the Left has remained stubbornly indifferent, retreating into denial and moral cowardice or, worse, advancing boldly into outright complicity. In the name of anti-racism, anxieties about Muslim immigration and intolerance are routinely denounced as xenophobic bigotry. In the name of Palestinian solidarity, responsibility for lethal anti-Semitism is routinely laid at the feet of an Israeli government held to be insufficiently dedicated to the pursuit of peace. And in the radical Leftist circles in which Jeremy Corbyn moves, Islamists are routinely embraced by politicians and human rights activists who insist on mistaking a politics of hatred and supremacism for a principled opposition to Western Imperialism and Israeli policy in disputed territory.“

(Jamie Palmer widmet sich auf The Tower dem sogenannten Chakrabarti-Report, mit dem die britische Labour-Party den Vorwurf des Antisemitismus zurückzuweisen versucht: „Britain’s Labour Party Tries to Whitewash Its Anti-Semitism“.)

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