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Iranischer Autor: „Reformer“ im Iran sind Illusion Obamas

„This week I found myself bombarded with just that kind of question triggered by the so-called elections in Iran. ‚Would this election lead to significant changes in the Khomeinist regime’s foreign policy?‘ The question stems from the fact that, for decades, the western democracies, led by the US, have shaped their Iran policy around hopes for ‚change in the regime‘ rather than ‚regime change.‘ … The truth is that there are no ‚reformists‘ in Iran. … Last Friday the candidates’ list backed by Rouhani and Khatami, as well as Rafsanjani, won all of Tehran’s 30 seats in the Islamic Majlis. But the architects of the list were honest enough to label it ‚The List of Hope,‘ making no mention of the word ‚reform‘. Thus terms such as ‚reform‘ and ‚reformist‘ with regard to Iran exist only in the imagination of Obama and some delusional analysts in the West.“ (Der iranische Journalist und Autor Amir Taheri auf dem Nachrichtenportal Arab News über den Ausgang der Wahlen im Iran: „So much for Iran’s ‚reformists‘“)

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