Irak: Massendemonstrationen gegen Regierung geplant

„A Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament says ‚the uprising of the hungry‘ in Iraq is most likely to dismantle the government and bring down its rule. Last Sunday’s terrorist attack in Baghdad’s Karradah district, which killed nearly 300 civilians and wounded hundreds more, has sparked a new wave of public outrage that criticizes the government for being unable of protecting the civilians against successive terrorist attacks. Kurdish MP Ashwaq Jaf told BasNews that attempts towards undertaking large scale protests are underway. The protests which are called ‚the revolution of the hungry‘ is expected to erupt on July 20, 2016 across Iraq, she said. 10 million Iraqis have been called to attend the rally in attempt to dismantle the government as it has failed to protect the lives of its people and provide them with the deserving welfares, Jaf stressed out.“

(BasNews: „Massive Protests Threatening to Overthrow Iraqi Government“)

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