Das 9/11-Geheimnis, endlich enthüllt …

Mit einer erfrischenden Theorie wartet Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, die offizielle Tageszeitung der Palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde, dieser Tage wieder einmal auf: Die Anschläge von 9/11 seien, so  unterstellt die Zeitung, in Wahrheit  vermutlich ein Werk der Amerikaner selbst gewesen. „The US invented the idea of creative anarchy in the [Middle East] region, which began with its war against Iraq, of which it pulled out only after ensuring that the sectorial fire burning there would consume all of it, and afterwards it used its technological capabilities to create a game of dominoes in the region. The same US has indeed succeeded in convincing the world that the Islamic extremism is what threatens world security and peace. In order to do this, it used the events of Sept. 11, 2001, even though that event raised many questions that place the US in the defendant’s seat, as was exposed later in a series of facts and reports. However, out of this event the US succeeded in creating an imaginary enemy called ‚terror,‘ and it supervised the cultivation of the idea until it ripened into what is known today as the Islamic State organization.

There is no doubt that the US is still holding many of strings of the game, and its main goal is to spill oil on the fire that is burning in the region, of which it is clearly the sole beneficiary. This is so because the fighting raging in the region provides the appropriate land for redrawing the map of the region, which will use sectarianism to determine the geographic borders of its states, on the basis of studies prepared years ago. In this way, the US will distance Arab states from each other, and uproot the idea of unity between them. Naturally, it will not find a better chord than the Sunni-Shiite conflict on which to play the tune of the next war in the region. Moreover, the fire burning in the region has even turned the wheels of the traditional American arms industry in an unprecedented way, while the US pays no price for the anarchy it has created in the region. This is so as the ‚terror‘ has not reached its [the US‘] yard as has happened in the European states, and it  [the US] has not been forced to open its gates to the immigrants who have flocked to Europe.“ [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 21. Jänner 2016] (Quelle: hier)

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