Weißes Haus erklärt Jerusalem für nicht-israelisch

white_house_jerusalem„The Obama administration stripped Jerusalem from being located in Israel in its official communication of the president’s remarks in the ancient city at a memorial service for recently deceased former Israeli president Shimon Peres. The White House, in a press release, originally sent out a press release attributing Obama’s remarks as taking place in ‚Jerusalem, Israel.‘ Shortly after that statement was sent, the White House reissued the statement with ‚Israel‘ crossed out as the location. The move follows a longstanding Obama administration policy of refusing to say that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Doing so would prejudge the outcome of peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, the White House says. The White House has been caught in the past editing the captions on old official photographs to remove mention of Jerusalem as being in ‚Israel.‘“

(Adam Kredo: „Obama Admin Strikes ‚Jerusalem‘ From Israel. Says Jerusalem is not Israeli territory“)

„The location of Mount Herzl [where the memorial service for Shimon Peres took place] is undoubtedly in Israeli territory, on Jerusalem’s western side and in a part of the city that is not disputed as Israeli. As the national cemetery, Mount Herzl is the resting place for many of Israel’s war heroes and national figures, and is named after Theodor Herzl, the intellectual godfather of the modern state of Israel.“

(Michael Warren: „White House ‚Corrects‘ Press Release and Strikes ‚Israel‘. Obama administration says Israeli founding father was not buried in Israel“)


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