Was der Zionismus mit der Bürgerrechtsbewegung zu tun hat

„Moreover, apparently believing that societal reforms in America’s inner cities are somehow related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, BLM included a section on Israel in its list of demands. With trite talking points, the group called for a divestment from the Jewish state as it is allegedly ‚complicit in the genocide against the Palestinian people.‘ What this means is unpleasant to contemplate. An organization formed to confront systemic prejudice against black Americans – which predates the reestablishment of the state of Israel – is now intimating that such prejudice is caused by the Jewish state’s supposed genocidal tendencies (which, according to census reports, have led to a population increase among Palestinians). Though I find no intrinsic value in ‚rebutting‘ crackpot conspiracy theories, it’s worth demonstrating how far removed BLM is from honoring the legacy of its ancestors by reminding readers just how pro-Zionist prominent leaders in the black community have been throughout history – and how Zionism helped shape black politics in America.“

(Chloe Valdary: „Black Lives Matter’s Jewish Problem Is Also a Black Problem“)


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