Warum der „Islamische Staat“ Israel (noch) nicht angreift

„The Islamic State terror group published an article explaining why it does not attack the Jewish state, arguing that the Palestinian issue should not get preferential treatment. … In the article, which was translated by watchdog group MEMRI, the Islamic State argued that the Palestinian cause does not take precedence over any other jihadi struggle.

There is a place, however, where jihad does take precedence, according to the article: in the Arab states that are governed by ‚tyrants.‘ First and foremost among these is the Saudi kingdom, where the two holy Islamic cities of Mecca and Medina must be rescued from the Saudi royal family. …

Only once a Muslim’s native land has fallen under proper Islamic rule, the article said, should he attack the adjacent infidel land. The key argument the article makes is that once the Arab regimes, which supposedly defend Israel, are toppled, then jihadi forces can arrive ‚at the borders of [the] Jew[ish] State and confront its army directly.‘“ (Der Journalist Dov Lieber auf der Website der Times of Israel: „Islamic State explains why it doesn’t attack Israel (yet)“)

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