Israels „Friedenspartner“ Abbas, ein überzeugter Antisemit

Abbas - EU-ParlamentAbbas not only repeatedly praises terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands as martyrs and heroes but also has spread lies about Israel planning to harm the mosques on the Temple Mount, denied Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem, and railed about ‚filthy Jewish feet‘ profaning the city’s holy places. And lest anyone think this is something new for Abbas, he is the same person who wrote a doctoral thesis rooted in Holocaust denial in his youth.

So the only intelligent question to ask about Abbas is not why he would promote Jew-hatred, but why is it that anyone is surprised that he would do so? How is it that a man with a consistent record of indulging in anti-Semitic lies is still feted by forums like the EU and even fawned upon by left-wing Jewish groups who occasionally troop to Ramallah where Abbas reassures them he’s for peace? Nothing, not even his rejection of Israeli offers of statehood, his declaration that all of Israel is ‚occupied‘ territory or his refusal to recognize the legitimacy of a state no matter where its borders are drawn ever seems to matter to those who cling to the notion that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the obstacle to peace.

(Jonathan S. Tobin: „No Peace with Blood Libels“)

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