Während Abbas das Begräbins von Shimon Peres besucht

peres-cartoon„On the day after former Israeli President Shimon Peres passed away, Fatah demonized Peres as a murderer about to enter Hell. In a cartoon on Fatah’s official Facebook page (shown above) Peres is shown trembling and handcuffed as the Grim Reaper shows or reads to Peres from an English language scroll the long list of ‚crimes‘ that the PA-Fatah accuse Peres of committing. In the background flames are seen, representing the fires of Hell that, according to Fatah, are awaiting Peres.

 Likewise, official PA TV’s ‚Israeli affairs expert‘ spoke about Peres. The ‚expert,‘ an Israeli Arab named Fayez Abbas, described Peres as a man of war who should have been tried in the International Criminal Court, and as ‚the greatest fraud in the history of the Zionist movement.‘ The essence of his message about Peres was that he succeeded in deceiving the entire world when he talked about peace“.

(Itamar Marcus: „Fatah presents Shimon Peres as destined for Hell“)


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