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Von saudischer Polizei verhaftet – wegen Fotos ohne Schleier

saudi-woman„The Saudi woman was going out for breakfast when she decided to make a statement. Violating the country’s moral codes, she reportedly stepped out in public wearing a multicolored dress, a black jacket and ankle boots – without a hijab or abaya, a loosefitting garment. Late last month, she tweeted a photo of her outfit, and the post circulated through Saudi Arabia, drawing death threats and demands to imprison or even execute the woman.

On Monday, police in the country’s capital of Riyadh said they had arrested the woman, following their duty to monitor ‚violations of general morals,‘ a spokesman, Fawaz al-Maiman, said, AFP reported. The woman, who is in her 20s, was imprisoned after posting the tweet of herself standing next to a popular Riyadh cafe, he said. He also accused her of ‚speaking openly about prohibited relations‘ with unrelated men, according to AFP. ‚Riyadh police stress that the action of this woman violates the laws applied in this country,‘ Maiman said, urging the public to ‚adhere to the teachings of Islam.‘ Saudi women are expected to wear headscarves and loosefitting garments such as an abaya when in public.“ (Samantha Schmidt: „A Saudi woman tweeted a photo of herself without a hijab. Police have arrested her“)

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