Update VIII: Der olympische Geist – das Sicherheitspersonal macht sich zum Erfüllungsgehilfen des iranischen Regimes

„Olympic security personnel questioned a female Iranian volleyball fan Saturday when she showed up for a match holding a large sign that read ‚Let Iranian Women Enter Their Stadiums‘ and wearing a white T-shirt with those same words. Darya Safai, who sat in a front-row courtside seat at Maracanazinho arena and briefly cried during the ordeal ‚because it hurts,‘ said that Olympic officials pushed her to leave the venue but she was determined to stay put.

‚They said they didn’t want the sign in front of the cameras and they asked us to leave,‘ said Safai, who was with friends also wearing the T-shirts. ‚They even tried to impress me with military people. I think it is a pity they always listen to what the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran says.‘ ‚This is not the first time I had this experience but I won’t give up because that’s what Iranian women do, they keep fighting for their rights.‘“

(Janie McCauley: „Olympic security asks female Iranian fan to drop sign“)

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