Favoritin für das Amt der „UNO-Sonderberichterstatterin für palästinensische Gebiete“ will Israel bombardieren lassen

„Imagine: You’re on trial and you discover the judge appointed to hear the case has already decided you are guilty and has a long history of publicly saying so. That appears to be the UN Human Rights Council approach to justice when it comes to one particularly country.

The council’s first choice to become the new Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories is criminologist Penny Green. She is a professor of law and globalisation at Queen Mary University of London.

Professor Green’s views on Israel are not unique. She is on record as saying that Israel has a ‚criminal government‘, and she believes it is ‚time to stand up against Israeli state violence‘. She supports the total boycott of Israel, wants Hamas de-listed as a terrorist organisation, and has wondered why the British and Americans have not begun ‚bombing Israel for its massacres‘.“ (Der Journalist Tim Marsahll im Jewish Chronicle Online: „She asked why UK did not bomb Israel – ideal candidate to head UN probe into the conflict“)

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