Ist Israel schuld, wenn Palästinenser Frauen unterdrücken?

dubravka-simonovic„The Palestinian Authority must take a tougher stance against gender-based violence and to promote equality for women, United Nations Human Rights Council investigator Dubravka Simonovic said in a special report on the matter issued last week. ‚The occupation does not exonerate the State of Palestine from its due diligence obligation to prevent, investigate, punish and provide remedies for acts of gender-based violence under the areas and persons under its jurisdiction,‘ Simonovic wrote. The visit by the special rapporteur on violence against women was the first in 11 years to Israel and the Palestinian territories by someone holding that post. (…)

The Palestinian legal system is ‚outdated‘ when it comes violence against women, particularly with regard to issues of ‚honor crimes,‘ she said. Judges still have “broad discretionary powers” when it comes to the application of mitigating factors in honor crimes, Simonovic said. Palestinian girls can be married at age 15, which is too young, she said. ‚Child marriage is a harmful practice that can place girls in vulnerable positions and exacerbated risk of suffering violence and early pregnancies,‘ Simonovic said. In addition, she added, marital rape is not criminalized. ‚Women face also discrimination in the areas of inheritance, divorce and custody of the children, which can place them in vulnerable positions,‘ Simonovic said.“

(Tovah Lazaroff: „UNHRC investigator: ‚Occupation doesn’t exonerate Palestine‘ on women’s violence“)


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