Überall ist es Terror – nur nicht in Israel …

„One of the largest news agencies in the world, Agence France-Presse (AFP),  published a story entitled ‚When vehicles become weapons. The first sentence of the article begins: ‚Transforming a vehicle into a simple but deadly weapon of terror…” (emphasis added) which clearly identifies these as terror attacks: not ‚militant,‘ attacks, ‚activist‘ attacks, or even ‚extremist‘ attacks: but terror, plain and simple. The AFP went on to list a number of other examples of vehicular terrorism around the world: in Canada, England and Scotland, as well as threats of similar terrorism issued against America and France. And what did the AFP say about Israel, the country that has experienced no less than 45 vehicular terror attacks since September 2015? Nothing.“

(Daniel Pomerantz: ‚Car Rammings: ‚AFP Calls It ‚Terror‘ Everywhere Except Israel“)

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