Tunesien: Mehr als die Hälfte aller Frauen Opfer von Gewalt in der Öffentlichkeit

„53 percent of all Tunisian women have suffered some form of street violence, the Minister of Women and Family Affairs told local radio ahead of a proposed bill to punish all acts of violence against women with a jail sentence. Speaking on Mosaique Fm today, Minister Samira Marai said that, in addition to those who have experienced violence in public spaces a further 78% had also suffered verbal abuse of one kind or another. Under the new law, all forms of violence against women, including sexual harassment in public places, will be punishable by a fine and one year in prison.

In addition to punishments for violence, the bill also stipulates a sentence of 6 years (Article 227) for anyone found guilty of having sexual relations, (excluding acts, or threats of violence) with anyone under the age of 16. This sentence is reduced to five years should anyone be found guilty of having sexual relations under the same circumstances with another aged between 16 and 18. Under the Criminal Code, sentences are increased if the perpetrator is found to be a member of the family.“

(Zaineb Ben Taieb: „Government Minister : Half of all Tunisian Women Subjected to Public Violence“)


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