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Türkei: Was werden die Folgen des Attentats sein?

attentater-tuerkei„Consider Erdogan’s predicament. The Kremlin will want a very substantial act of contrition. And a substantial sop-to-cerberus offer. What can Erdogan offer the Kremlin’s thugs that they haven’t already achieved? They have Syria and Aleppo. They have humiliated and marginalized Erdogan by stripping him of any claim that he leads the region’s Sunnis. Erdogan has already been forced to publicly renege on his former enmity with Putin. Erdogan has pushed NATO aside and dispatched envoys to Moscow to discuss Syria’s future with Iran and Assad’s men at the table. At this point, he will have to ask them what he can offer. Think about that. Because that’s a glimpse of his future. Putin is nothing if not a grand strategist. He has Erdogan where he wants him and is not about to change course over the hiccup in Ankara. He will help Erdogan amass power provided said power operates at Putin’s disposal. Putin will even permit him to drown the country in ever-more-suffocating Islamic restrictions—just as the Czars did with vassal Muslim rulers in Central Asia. It kept the region tightly controlled and vertically aligned to Moscow. For a contemporary model, look no further than Chechnya under Ramzan Kadyrov.“ (Melik Kaylan: „Ankara Assassination Puts Erdogan at Putin’s Feet“)


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